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Priti Sanghavi on 28 April 2018
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Poor response from Club Mahindra call centre

We have been trying to book Park Royal in Kuala Lumpur. This booking can only be done by calling the call centre. I am staying abroad and making this booking means we are making an international call. On 27 April and 28 April calls have been made to the Call centre. To complete the booking we need to make a payment via the IVR. However the IVR system does not accept international Credit Cards. We were told by the call centre staff on 27 April they will send me an email for NEFT transfer details. We called back on 28 April and were informed that NEFT cannot be used! However I insisted they agreed that in two hours I will get an email from the so called Team leader of the call centre on the NEFT details. For which now five hours have passed and the same has not been sent.

Exchange fee requires IVR payments how come your ASF payment system is so efficient and you accept online payments for the annual fees???

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