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M Palaniappan on 28 April 2018
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Super store fraud

Airtel has activated super store in my number in November. They have been deducting 99 Rs every month. Today I shouted at customer care representative called Sankaran. He deactivated the service but he has given back only the latest 99 Rs charged. I want refund of all the 99 Rs that has been deducted so far.

He said "it's a third party service and they don't know what is super store!". What liars these Airtel are? They want us to believe Airtel balance is deducted for 3rd party service!!! He said "you only activated the service". After I told there is no such message in my sent items he gave flippant answer "may be it was activated in a 3rd party website". Are they thinking we are idiots to believe this "story"?

I will file a case if my money is not returned - a simple google search shows Airtel has cheated lots and lots of people with this super store fraud. It could be lakhs of crores of customers' hard earned money. Airtel give me back my hard-earned money or face the consequences.

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