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Bhupesh Mahajan on 25 April 2018
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Harrasment Calls from HDFC BANK COLLECTION

Complaint against : HDFC BANK

Customer Name : Bhupesh Mahajan

Card No. 0241

This complaint regarding threat / harassment phone calls from Hdfc bank workers to me y. I received call from different numbers ( Mobile No. 5096 / 149/ 7603 Dated 23 April 2018 to till date) ) by Ms. Tanya / Ms. Anuradha and many other people from HDFC BANK RAJOURI GARDEN BRANCH DELHI as she told me. When i received called so she asked me about my credit card two month dues payment to repay. I said will pay soon because still i am in some medical urgency but she never listen and started to shouting . I said stop shouting first and at least understand my problems but she handover phone to her senior Ms. Anuradha. When i talked her so she also started to threat me and force me to handover pay later cheque or pay next day. I clearly said never given you any cheque or not possible pay within 2 days because still i am with some medical issue but she also started to shouting and talked with me very pathetic way.

Now finally i decide to write here for at least hdfc bank customer aware what kind of things this bank doing with them. i will never accept this and decided talked to with my legal adviser . He clearly said to lodged police FIR complaint against to these kind of bank workers and banks but i have decided to write you first. These bank completely goes against of RBI GUIDELINES in which clearly said no threat calls and misbehave allow for any recovery.

I will proceed legally against all this but only reason to write here to people aware about these banks.



Hdfc Bank

Dear Customer

We are fully sensitized to the comments expressed with regard to your credit card and we request you to contact our Debt management executives at 011-66668101 / 66668102 in this regard.


HDFC Customer Service Assistance.

Bhupesh Mahajan

I am tried same number but its not picked up with long hold that disconnect. Its simple customer care number which i am already talked .

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