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Gurpreet Singh on 24 April 2018
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Excitel Broadband - worst Internet Provider

Hi I'm from Gurgaon Haryana. I have started using excitel internet service 2 weeks back. I took plan of 50MBPS. they are charging around 850 monthly + 500 installation charges. I ask them for providing static IP and they are ready to provide me that static IP service on additional 1200 Rs yearly payment. 3 week already passed but they don't provided me static IP. Now just after two weeks I'm frustrated with excitel's poor no worst service. Many sites are not properly loading and even youtube and other online movie sites are also loading very slowly and loading with buffering time. they are not even taking responsibilities to respond back my messages. I sent message to the regular technician Gaurav but he don't even saw my message until I called him. I called him and told about the internet problems I'm facing and also ask him about my static IP service But both problems are still remains.

Excitel is the worst internet service provider. Please thinks twice or thrice before taking their services.

Excitel Rocks

We regret the inconvenience please could you inbox us your Ticket Id we would be happy to help you.

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