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Ajeet Singh on 19 April 2018
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My self ajeet i purchased led from vijay sales on 2015

That product have 3 years warrenty .

Now that is dead i locked complain in vijay sales on 4.18

After 5 to 6 day one of technician visited at my place he said we will back after 2 days with new motherbord this is damage. After 5 days he had came with board when he checked that was also damege then he said we it is not working i will visit 2 day later.

His name is vijit his number is 6762 .

Vijay sales provide damage parts ???

When i am calling mr vijit every time he said 3 to 4 days .

Still i am waiting for him .

I called vijay sales customer care but no one are repling proper

Bad service in future i will never by product by vijay sales .




Ajeet Singh

One person came today and he changed the part after 2 hour led is again dead ... very bad quality part .

Ajeet Singh

Waiting for responce

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