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Mahesh Chand on 14 April 2018
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Repair and parts shortage

Dear sir

Sub:- No reply from your customer care(complaint number 854)

I am facing lot of problem from last 4days. My scooter is out of order. My scooter is in agency from last 4days and workers are saying that parts are not available. I am spending 650-800rs per day paying to taxi fair. If parts will not available up to 6 months then what should I do.

I have tried lots of different numbers of your company like 4661 2451 4100 and No reply from ur customers emails like... @heromotocorp.com

@heromotocorp.com but nobody is replying. So what can I do. And I promise I will never ever purchase hero vehicles in future.

Last time I am warning you if within next 5days my schooter is not repair then I will go to consumer court and file case against hero motocorp company.

So please available parts in agency so that my schooter can rapir fast.

Hope you will take quick action and reply me.

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