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Kedar Pathak on 10 April 2018
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Activating Bogus services named LIFESTYLE and reducing mobile balance


I am very old customer of Airtel and my mobile number is 5414

I received an SMS on Tuesday i.e. 10/04/2018 from airtel (AT-AIRINF): "Thanks for choosing LIFESTYLE from Airtel Mobile. You have been charged Rs.35." at 12:31 PM"

I found same complaint raised by Debasish Halder on 25 July 013.

I think Airtel is making money from charging a mysterious service to old customers. How they can automatically activate service on customer's mobile?

Solve this issue and refund the amount. It seems there is very big scam going since 013. Amount is also increased from Rs.10 to Rs.35. If this doesn't get resolved immediately I will be forced to take the matter to TRAI and Higher authorities.

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