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Amal Jos on 06 March 2018
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Flipkart seller has shared my order information with others to cheat me

I have ordered Philips QT4001/15 Order ID: OD211646850905667000 (Seller:Friendswatch) and paid the amount Rs1499 by online transfer.

2nd March I received Trimmer package from seller "A J Enterprises" as COD RS 499. Since I was not available at home my wife paid Rs1499 and received the trimmer. The package it was mentioned as Philips QT4001/15 but when I opened it was NOVA NS216 trimmer cost of 250.

When I paid the 1499 COD to "A J Enterprises" the Flipkart seller Friendswatch cancelled the order in the next day.

Flipkart and Seller "Friendswatch" is aware of Philips QT4001/15 order formation including my shipping address. Seller Friendswatch would have shared my order details with "A J Enterprises" to sell NOVA trimmer at a price of Rs1499 (NOVA NS216 trimmer cost of 50).

This is an integrity issue Flipkart seller has shared my order information with others to cheat me. Please refer the attached invoice copy

Shipping Address: Address as per Flipkart order

My Phone number: Fake

Reference ID: Fake

Order ID: *Fake*

Tracking ID: You can track it

Order date: 27th Feb (One day after my Flipkart order Flipkart order date

is 26th Feb)

Amount to be paid: 9.00 ( Amount same as my Flipkart order )

Product: Philips QT4011/15 (Same as Flipkart order item but package

contain NOVA-216)

Address of seller: A J Enterprise & Mobile number Fake.

This is an integrity issue Who responsible to keep the order confidential


Why Flipkart allows sellers to cheat consumers by sharing

order information's to fake companies?

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