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John Antony on 22 February 2018
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HDFC credit card EMI

I have hdfc credit card 20 days before I asked hdfc credit card service for emi converse options available or not in my credit card. They said yes available.

Previous week I purchased and amount of 0000 in my credit card. Now I asked HDFC credit card service to convert this amount into emi . but

Now they said your card not eligible for EMI. This is ridiculous. I didn’t except from HDFC. I don’t have full amount. So HDFC will consider this. Kindly clear this issue as soon as possible and need EMI converts in my credit card and I need to convert my 0000 purchase into emi .

My mobile no :9791200230

card no :5241810403140189

John Antony

Hdfc Bank

Dear Customer

we note that you wish to avail Smart EMI facility on your card account. We confirm that currently there is no offer for EMI conversion on your card account. We take this opportunity to inform you that we would intimate to you once the offer is available on your card account. We earnestly seek your understanding in this regard.


HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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