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Niraj on 12 February 2018
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Unauthorised deduction of money from balance

On 12th Feb 2018 in the morning at 8:47AM when i turned off the flight mode i got the message that an amount of Rs. 3 have been deducted from my account. No description of why it has been deducted or for what service just plain and simple that Rs. 3 have been deducted from my account.

At about 9:20AM i called customer support @198 to enquire further(as i have heard before that idea unethically charge "x" amount from customer for some dumb non refundable services without any customer information).

A lady picked up the call and when i told her about the deduction she replied that i have been charged for subscribing Idea Power service( I had no idea what the hell was that service even do and i still don't) when i said i did not subscribed for any service nor have i sent any message to which she replied that i have selected YES to flash message after hearing this I was dumbstruck as i did not even used my mobile and how the hell did i get charged when my mobile was in flight mode after telling this to her she said sir you have been charged last night at 9:47PM on 11th feb 018.

I was freaking angry about this whole scenario. I scolded her that i in the world did i get charged when i did not hit for any flash message and i probably has turned on the flight mode at 9:30PM? And if i have not turned on the flight mode why did it take them to send a message of deduction next instantly when i turned off the flight mode why they didnt send it the last night to which they (or lady) said i can see that you have agreed to it and then i said and i can see i didnt authenticate for service and i want my money back to which she said that the money cannot be refunded no matter what.

Hearing this I lost my temper but still tried to control my language i said refund the money back or i am tagging you(Idea) and manoj sinha sir and will tell this whole fiasco.

Hearing this she immediately ask to transfer call to her senior executive.

After saying Yes and after repeating the WHOLE DAMN THING TO HER AGAIN she still was admant about not refunding the money.

I really have no idea what to do about except to take it to the forum or tag manoj sinha sir.

Please help me

Its not about just 3rs. its about ethic and today they deduct 3rs tomorrow they will deduct 30rs if i wont say anything and god know what they will do if i still wont do anything.

Do the math the idea have about 19 crore customer base if they do this and charged even 1% of they user base they are getting away with about 57 lakh rupees per day unethically.

Even after this if i wont get the satisfied solution i am definitely porting to myself Jio.

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