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Gautam on 12 February 2018
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Fraud yaxis

One of the worst experience ever we had with y-axis because of which our PR got rejected.

1. Y axis team sitting in Hyderabad i.e the consultants pawan kumar duggu as well as pradeep Kumar were always in sleeping mode. No updates and no calls in regards to processing of the applications.everytime you have to wake them up by giving regular alarms which were of no use since they took everything till last moment by the time the submission date use to get closed.

2. These worst consultants were keep sending predefined outdated monthly status report without even checking the actual status from the Australian immigration website.

3. They will just send you worst samples of the career episodes having lots of similarities in all the 3 projects. This resulting in your career episodes getting rejected because the so called great consultants never even bothered to check nor guide you with the career episodes which you submit to process further.

We suggest that never ever approach the money eaters called y-axis because they will only send you a link for applying PR will take all the money and will sleep forever without even bothering to get back to you.

Money value for their service is just zero. Will rate them zero for all the worst services they provided us. Guys..if you want to dream about getting PR through y-axis then you have to work alone without any dependency on y-axis

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