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Satish Rapelli on 12 February 2018
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Product not received after the payment by online.

I was ordered Moto G5s plus (Lunar Grey 64 GB) online on Amazon.in for Rs 99/- through online payment on 05th Jan 018. they given me delivery date of 8th Jan 2018.Order no was 316.

On 8th Jan I received message of postponing my product delivery date between 9-11 Jan 2018.On 11th Jan they again postponed delivery to 12th of January.

I called customer care of amazon on evening of 11th Jan 2018 they told me that the product was lost during dispatch & they will provide new mobile & create replacement order.

So they created the replacement order on 11th Jan 2018 with order no 9169 & given delivery date of 15th Jan 018.

On 15th of Jan again they postponed delivery date to 19th of Jan 018. So I cancelled my order on 15th of Jan 2018 & they told me that the refund will be done within four days. Even if I cancelled my order I received the message of delivery of my product on 25th Jan 018. But actually I didnt receive my product. & I called to customer care. they told that I will get refund after receiving back product to amazone& we will check within one week. After one week I contacted to customer care again & they didnt give any response. And now they are saying that the product is already delivered & refund will not be given.

Please help me for getting my refund as soon as possible.

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