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Srinivas T on 12 February 2018
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online payment to career crafted for job requirement


I Mr. Srinivas have an experience in construction (Civil) background had registered in Timesjob website for better opportunity.

On 30th Dec’2017 received call from M/s careercrafted Jr. Executive enquiring about the interest in job requirement. And I expressed my requirements and expectations for the same. And he advised to be online and diverted to Sr. Executive for explaining about the available job opening.

I put my expectation and job location as Hyderabad to M/s careercrafted Sr. Executive and he confirmed that 4 employers were seen my profile and shown interest on my profile. Those are 1) M/s Reliance Infrastructure 2) M/s Tata Projects Ltd 3) NCC Ltd 4) Caterpillar with the same position and posting at Hyderabad and assured that the total process will be completed within 5-20 days for job confirmation.

M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive asked to register in Careercrafted services for sending confirmation of my keenness to Employers guided through the M/s careercrafted web site and asked to register and pay for the following service through website

1. Career Booster Senior level

Accordingly payment was done for Rs. 7 50/- and payment ID: 2769 and Ref. No. 26SRQL. And received payment confirmation from @careercrafted.com

I received a call again from M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive and asked to register and pay for the following services.

2. Social Media Profile Builder

3. Designer Resume

4. Live Interview Preparation

I got confused as it is not informed earlier about these requirements and denied for payment later M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive assured on the placement and also going to organise telephone interview with 4 days with the above employer for that he need to confirm to the employers by tomorrow (31st Dec’17) as M/s Careercrafted working on Sunday also in this regard. Based on M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive assurance payment was done for Rs.15 00/- and payment ID: 5296 and Ref. No. 54MJXP. And received payment confirmation from @careercrafted.com

On 02nd Jan’2018 M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive called and informed that Service acknowledgement agreement is forwarded and asked to acknowledge and confirm acceptance in return mail to initiate the services. On going through the agreement raised a concern on the point “Career Crafted did not guarantee any Job or interview offers” as he earlier assured on the placement otherwise i wouldn’t registered. He expressed it is for the documentation purpose not to worry about the placement. Based on the same confirmation mail was sent. M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive told that telephonic round will be arranged within 2 days with M/s Caterpiller amd M/s Tata Projects Ltd.

But it is not happened. On 04th Jan’18 M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive called and asked for register and pay for the following services as the employer’s are asking for the same.

5. Education Verification

6. Previous Employment Verification

7. Address Verification

I was surprised and asked M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive why you are asking in bits and pieces without further movement (not even any telephonic interview with employer ) and raised my concern as it is not showing good sign to me and denied for payment. M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive repeatedly assuring on the employment and confirmed that this was “full and final amount for you after that you don’t have to avail any services”. Based on the M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive assurance and confirmation on the requirement of services for my profile made payment of Rs.11 50/- and payment ID: 7544 and Ref. No. AA2NVD and received payment confirmation from info@careercrafted.com. My Certificates and previous employer offer letter shared for verification purpose.

M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive told that telephonic round will be arranged next day with M/s Reliance Infrastructure Ltd but it is not happened On 11th Jan’18 M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive called and asking to register and pay for the following services as the employer’s are asking for the same.

8. Digitalized Profile Senior Level

I refused to do the payment as it is happening on regular basis without any end to it. M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive told that it was the employer requirement as they are asking for the same for further process. I asked for clarification why the registrations requirement are not mentioned at initial stage you should be aware of employer requirement before searching for candidate or you should be knowing about what are the services required or to be registered for the candidate’s based on position experience and profile. But he insisted to complete the registration for further process as they need to organise for interview. M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive assured that Employer is interested and placement is assured. And can join in the organisation within a month. Based on the M/s Careercrafed Sr. Executive assurance and confirmation on 12th Jan’18 made payment of Rs.7 50/- and payment ID: 0542 and Ref. No. 5WEN97 and received payment confirmation from info@careercrafted.com. M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive told that telephonic round will be arranged on next day (16th Jan’18) as there is weekend and holidays till 15th.

Even after a week I didn’t got any call neither both phone no. (both Sr. And Jr. Executives) are responding. On 23rd Jan’18 I am able to speak to M/s Careercrafted executives upon calling they told that they have organised telephonic Interview with M/s Reliance Industries at after noon. That after noon M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive made a call to me and connected to M/s Reliance Industries HR head and completed the telephonic round. HR head informed to get ready for the Video conference and wished me for early joining in the organisation and asked to complete the process and organise videos conference. by and through M/s Careercrafted executives. The same was conveyed to M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executives. And he instructed to register for Professional Website.

Based on the consequences happened so far I refused and neither willing to do so. M/s Careercrafted insisting to register and pay for further process but I regretted for payment. He told that he will discuss and convince employer to skip the service and revert back in a day. That next day got a call stating that professional website is required and it to be registered. But I refused as every time registration and payments are happening from me not a positive response from M/s Careercrafted side. And as informed earlier none of the executive had explained about the registrations and requirement which involves money / payment on Day 1 somehow accepted to some extent and made registrations and payment as and when required (registered for 8 services and paid and amount of Rs. 41 50/- so far) and don’t know what is the status and what else to be fulfilled. So I confirmed to M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive that will not register for further service until employment was done with any of the mentioned organisation. M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive told that he will discuss again with Employer and do the process.

Even after a week I didn’t got any call from any of the executives on 30th Jan’18 when i called to M/s Careercrafted Jr. Executive he conveyed that senior is in meeting and will call in an hour. But did turned up even after 2 days.

When I called back on 01st Feb’18 M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive instructed again for registration of Professional website. I denied to do so and asked whether further proceedings will happen hereafter or not without the said registration. M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive not confirmed anything and told he will update on further process. But there was no information for 2 days and neither their phones are responding.

On 05th Feb’18 I am able to contact M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive but this time he confirmed that Professional Website is required for all other Employers also. It strike me in different way that what is happened from 40 days is intentional and I reminded about earlier discussion of not paying further. He told that will check with the employers and come back in an hour. But till now no response

It really embarrassing to me about the progress happened in last 40 days. The developments are still as it is as at Day 1 with no use of 8 services registration done with an amount of Rs. 41 50/- so far.

On 08th Feb’18 when I call M/s Careercrafted Sr. Executive confirmed that he will confirm M/s Tata projects joining date by 09th Feb’18. But till 12th no response neither phones are unavailable. Replied mail to the acknowledgement mail Soon I received a call from other no. asking for payment from Professional website otherwise profile will be under hold and cannot be processed without that. If that is the case I asked for reimbursement for the earlier payment as I didn’t have any outcome and result. M/s Carrercrafted Sr. Executive told that there is no refund policy and no payment will be refunded. When I told that I will put a mail for the scenario happened and seeking reimbursement he arrogantly told that “you put number of mails your will not get any money”

During this process I also lost 45 days and not yet initiated any opportunity which was an huge opportunity loss for me.

Now I understood that that is fraud company and making all false commitments and making money. I lost money of 41 50/- suffered emotionally from past 45 days and neither able approach alternate as I paid so much money to consultant and lost so much time.

Kindly advice further on way forward

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