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Sidharath on 12 February 2018
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Wrong deduction of Rs 10000 and not refunded back.

My name is SIDHARATH I am your customer of PNB with Account no. My mobile no. is 405. I want to make complaint about wrong deduction of money at ATM.

I have made two transactions on 1.18 of Rs 0000 each. First One is a successful transaction. Then second transcation of Rs 0000 was unsuccessful. Money was deducted from my account I got nothing from ATM. I waited and waited and I got no money from ATM. And the ATM gone out of service. ATM was of SBI New grain market. ATM ID S10A000660003 at 2110 Hrs via TXN No.6914.I tried to lodge complaint immediately after wrong deduction but I got reply from PNB customer care that their server is under upgradation.This continued for two -three days that I was not able to lodge a complaint because of server under upgradation.Anyhow I have lodged complaints after three days but still money not credited in my account. Kindly do the needful as 0000 Rs wrongly deducted

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