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Radheyshyam Saini on 12 February 2018
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Non delivery of Purchased Furniture

Dear Sir

I had purchased a Bed Dressing Table and a mattress from Subhash nagar Homecentre store on 017. It was conveyed to me that delivery will be on 24th Jan. 018. But on 24th when no information regarding delivery was given to me I called the Customer care and it was shocking to know from executive that no such order has been placed. After contacting the subhasnagar sales representative it was told to me on 27th Jan that there was some miscommunication and now the items will be delivered on 2nd feb then it was postponed to 5th Feb then 6th feb and then 7th feb.

when the item was delivered on 7th feb there was no dressing table in it. I was informed that the dressing will be delivered on 12th feb.

Now today when i called the customer care it is being told that it will not be possible to deliver as the product is not in Gurgaon warehouse.

Sir I am fed up with all this nonsense.

Please help me in this regard.




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