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Sudhakar Sahoo on 07 February 2018
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POS machine settlement

I Sri Sudhakar Sahoo proprietor of ‘SHREE STORE’ running a small grocery shop smoothly before demonetization but aftermath of demonetization the cash became shortage so the customer prefer to make transaction as cashless and ultimately I bound to purchase a POS machine (Vide s.l no-17017CT26226014 TID-20160234 MID-02PL00000510673) from Pine Labs Pvt Ltd. For this machine pine labs had taken Rs.3 50/- through cheque from me. But I got suffocated when I made transaction. So finally I had decided to surrender the POS and stop the transaction in POS machine.

When I intimated to the customer care of Pine Labs through email several times I got reply that ‘our executive will come and short out it’. Since last 10 months there is no executive came to my shop. For which I have been paying commitment charges of Rs. 90/- unnecessarily till date. Whenever I requested in State Bank of India to cancel the TID number they refer me to surrender the POS machine to Pine Labs. In this way I have been suffering since last 10 months and could not run my business in proper way.

Here are the details of loss:

Account Number Amount

3304 Rs. 19/- Penalty taken by State Bank of India

4078 Rs. 90/- Penalty taken by State Bank of India

NA Rs.3 50/- POS machine cost taken by Pine

Labs (P)Ltd.

So therefore as a poor shopkeeper I requested you to take a strong action for which I can got the loss amount of Rs. 6 59/- as refunded to my account no 4078 and permanent settlement of POS machine.

Most respectfully

Sudhakar Sahoo


Saheed Nagar Market

At/Po- Saheed Nagar

Bhubaneswar-7 Odisha .


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