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Alok Dev on 06 February 2018
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Apollo Munich rejected claim even after Pre-approval of cashless approval guarantee

Below is self explanatory which is under supervision / knowledge / concern of CEO Manager Grievance Cell Heads of Claim Department & Customer support


This is really surprising and ridiculous ....

Based on all previous / pre-hospitalisation pre-operational documents and your INITIAL Approval ( assurance ) only of INR 90 00/- we have taken admissions in Forties Kolkata and undergone the treatment.

Now at the time of releasing you outright cancel the claim and let me in a great trouble . Since I am not in a position to pay INR 1 38 00/- to the Hospital and to release patient from hospital Request you to reconsider he case and approve the payment to enable me to release patient immediately. .

Hospital has also sent you a suitable reply in this support .

Expecting your soonest co-operation and approval. "

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