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Srikaran Kandadai on 05 February 2018
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Unfair demand from Idea cellular after migration from Postpaid to Prepaid

I had been using Idea's Post paid service for over 6 years and recently decided to switch from Postpaid to Prepaid. I was on the Unlimited 349 plan at the end of the switch. The reasons for the decision is the flexibility and far better benefits offered to Prepaid as opposed to Postpaid.

1.Ease of switching plans frequently depending on what's on offer.

2. No charge for outgoing calls on Roaming while Postpaid costumer had to pay that.

3. International roaming requires a security deposit (Rs. 2 000) and also a charge for activation for the Postpaid while prepaid gets that for free.

4. For 349 + taxes (More than 400 a month) I get 4 GB data whereas at about 180 a month I get 1 GB a day on prepaid.

Now comes the actual complaint. I visited the Idea showroom on PG Road Secunderabad on December 15th to switch from Prepaid to Postpaid. I was told that the switch takes 5 business days. My billing cycle is the 19th so there wasn't enough time to make the switch. The Unlimited 349 plan does not have any proration clause and so even for a single day usage I have to pay for the whole month. So I was advised to wait a month and come early in January to get the switch done.

I then visited the showroom again on January 10th this time (Much early to avoid the hassle) and had requested the switch to Prepaid fully understanding that I will have to still pay for the whole month bill. The switch was completed on January 12th and my prepaid number was activated then.

Now I receive a bill from Idea Cellular for a total amount of Rs.

whereas the expectation was for abount 349 + taxes (Around 400 to 420 range). This is gross cheating now where I am overcharged by Rs. 500 which is way over the total month bill due to some proration clauses.

I had a deposit of Rs. 2 000 with Idea for international roaming (Another inconvenience for postpaid costumers) and now this bill amount is adjusted from that deposit which is totally unfair.

I request that the bill amount be adjusted to be charged for the whole month at 349 + taxes and the balance amount from the security deposit be refunded immediately.

Account Number:100012722024

Phone Number: 8388

This same complaint was raised on the 31st January and someone from Idea has requested for a snapshot of the Invoice. Unfortunately this forum doesn't allow to post snapshots and I am sure the representatives can find the details of the Invoice based on either the Account Number: 2024 or the Phone Number: 388.

Looking forward to immediate resolution of the issue.

Srikaran Kandadai

How come there is no update on this complain yet after more than 2 weeks of posting the original complaint? Is this your level of customer care?

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

As per your communication we have forwarded your concern to our respective team. Our concerned team will get back to you for further assistance.



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