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Rajendra Doble on 05 February 2018
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my deposit money has been withdrawn or debited without my permission by that Graham seva Kendra

I had been deposited 2000 rupoees in Graham seva Kendra I have an sbi account in mohked tehsil and my father is farmer due to unavailability of my passbook my father had deposited money from Graham seva Kendra which is located at my village and agent name is raneshwar jinjhokar he had deposited money on 22/11/2017 and after 3 days that was debited on 24/11/2017 and when I had come to my town he said that that is bank fault so what should I doo iam so poor and student of engineering at bhoapal engineering college and when I had complaint so he had been never been seen my point of view saying that it's upi used fault that why your money has been debited .but sir iam having and agent id where that grahak seva Kendra agent raneshwar has only debited that money.

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