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Surya Prakash Nigam on 05 February 2018
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Regarding cheating by the Future Generali Health its agent and sales Manager and wholly rejection of claim due to their malafide intention of cheating to the applicant

I have been cheated by the insurance agent Aditya Grover (Insurance Mart) alongwith the sales manager of Future Generali namely Sh.Asif Nawaz under the guidance and Leadership of the Company heads of the Future Generali Health (Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd) into taking Health Insurance policies when Insurance Agent Aditya Grover with the connivance with other person approached me and came to my residence on 2017 and with the intention to cheat he allured me and advised to port my old policy Bajaj Allianz ( which was more than 4-5 years old) to Future Generali Health Insurance.

He also told me you will get all benefits of the old policy and there would be no restriction for waiting period for taking claim if any arises in future as it is being ported. He also claimed to have spoken to Sales Manager of Future Generali Mr Asif Nawaz and other concerned persons over phone and confirmed the porting of my Insurance Policy. Thereafter Aditya grover took my blank signature in the Portability form and premium vide cheque no 12 of Rs.17000/- dated 2017 HDFC Bank Sector 12 A Dwarka New Delhi for portability of my policy to Future Generali Health Insurance. He had also taken printouts of previous policies to attach the same with portability form and misleading with malafide and fraudulent intention to cheat me and there after he told me that he is in hurry and some client is waiting for him he assured me that after returning to his office he will complete all the formalities for Portability but he did not do so.

Unfortunately in the month of December I was having an acute pain in my abdomen and thereafter I was advised surgery by DR.V.K.Malik Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi.

Thereafter I applied for Cashless treatment to Company Future Generali but I was shocked and it was very painful when I received rejection from the company stating the reason that Policy has not been ported in Future Generali Health Insurance and at once I called the Insurance Agent Aditya Grover and asked about the same and he again misleaded me told that your Policy has been Ported from Bajaj Allianz to Future Generali and when I called the number of Sales Manager Future Generali health Insurance he was stating that he has not received any documents from agents for Portability. Again I called Aditya Grover then he forwarded a mail dated 6th December 2017 showing that he has forwarded all the documents for Portability. In these circumstances I had to make payment towards medical expenses to Sir Ganga Ram Hosptal and Doctors/medicines about more than Rs.1 50 00/- .Thus the above miscreants for their own benefit had caused loss of more than Rs.1 50 0/-. However my Policy has been ported/renewed from the date and time when it was expiring from the previous insurer i.e. Bajaj Allaianz. Thus all the above mentioned persons have cheated me and used the commission/ money received from the New Policy for their own purposes.

My Policy No.ID Card No. is H0211385-1(Future Generali Health)

Policy Holder Name: Surya Prakash Nigam

Age 41

Policy Valid Upto:12th June 2018

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