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Rahul S on 11 January 2018
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Charging bill post termination and now harassing me with lawyers

User ID: 6351

Tikona digital networks did not provide me with services since March 2017 but since I had used their services I paid bills even if I couldn't use the entire GB's allotted to me. After repeated complaint even to the appellate authority the issue was still not resolved and I went for a connection termination on 25th May 2017 (before the beginning of the next billing cycle) and dismantled all their equipment and did not use their network but they did not terminate it and asked me to keep the connection on hold for which I refused and they called back asked me switch on the connection and gave 5 day free usage claiming that the connection was repaired but it wasn't and they terminated it on July 27th 2017 after about 2 months. And during this duration I havent used tikona's services.

Now I am constantly harassed and mentally tortured by way of calls daily from an advocate claiming to be tikona's representative. She says her name is Neha gupta and her bar council ID is: ********* ( Reply and ask for the ID).

If this harassment continues for no mistake of mine i will drag tikona to the consumer court and file an FIR for mental harassment thereby disrupting my daily activities.

If you want any proof in the form of mail recordings modem return acknowledgment I shall give it to you on request officially through mail.

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