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Shashikant Chavan on 11 January 2018
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Refund of International Roaming Deposit of Rs. 5k.

I had deposited a sum of Rs.5k with Vodafone to activate International Roaming (IR) on my mobile no 8833 the same was deactivated on 30 Oct 017. I was informed to refund the same by 45 days. Now it has been more than 60 days i could not get the IR deposit. Meanwhile I tried to find out refund status of my IR deposit from Nodal officers of Vodafone.

1 First Nodal officer informed me that my Ir deposit is adjusted against the current bill of Rs.382.68 and asked me to contact Vodafone store from where I requested for refund of IR Deposit.

2 Second nodal officer told me that the deposit is released on 22 Dec.17 which never reached me even to day.

3 Third Nodal officer told me that I must have a complaint no. to be obtained from customer care then only they will entertain my complaint and refused to listen my complaint.

My complaint nos. 3402 dated 2018

Service request no.212035468.

I have sent a mail appellate authority and waiting for there response.

My basic questions are why VODAFONE requires 45 days to refund the IR deposit when for activation the deposit need to be paid upfront. Secondly on my continuous follow up company is not taking any cognizance . Under the circumstances will you please help me out. Thanks.

S A Chavan

Pune Maharashtra

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