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Imran Pathan on 11 January 2018
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Froud Animal-world Raebareli Uttar Pradesh India-229001

Shanti Prabhakar ye Animal-world ka wonder h is ne Olx par cat dale the to muze bhi cat chahiye the to mene us se msg kiya to us ne us ka mobile number diya fir us par us ne cat ke photos videos us ka visitors card Aadhar card our net pe ki web site dali our kaha ki 1 cat 3000Rs ki h to mene kaha ki 2000Rs me do to o mangay our mene kaha ki Paytm delivered hone ke bad payment duga to o man gaya our kaha ki aap ka address dijiye mene address diya fir usne kaha ki aap ko jo cat aari thi to o delivery nahi hogi aap ko 2 ya3 day wait kar na hoga koy ki aap ke saat our koye nahi cat lene wala to muze delivered kar ne ke liye paise jada lage ge is liye our agar aap ko separate chahiye to app 1500Rs dijiye aap ko separate delivery deta hu to mene use Paytm se paise diye to mene kaha ki delivers kar do to o bol ra h ke nahi duga cat bhi our paise bhai our kayra h ki tu kis ke bhi pass ja complete kar de mere nam ki nahi duga paise (our us ka paytm no h 8451 ye h)our mere pass us ka address our Adhar card our Account Number bhai h

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Rinshad Kerala

Hi. I have similar experience. He asked me to pay Rs.500 to book for a persian cat kitten. He shared videos in WhatsApp. He kept sending same ready-made text messages even after paying Rs.500. He sent different phone numbers each time and he also sent Axis Bank account details to pay another Rs.500 and pay the remaining amount Rs.2000 on delivery. He also sent many photos and website snapshots as proof of this NGO and transaction as valid. Now he is asking us to wait for 5 days because another person has cancelled booking so no transport to South India possible now.

Rinshad Kerala

Same person Shanti Prabhakar Axis Bank Account holder name Soni Prakash. I will update after one week when it will become clear if it is really a fraud or not.

Dhiraj Kalyani

Definately a Scam she sent me pictures and videos too asking for 3000 for a dog and she wanted payment via upi/paytm/bank transfer i asked her i can pay via paypal she/he refused the i sent them screen shot of this post and boom they blocked me. don't send them any money!!!!!

Rinshad Kerela you have been conned!

PS. dont fall for them their numbers are +916290000276 & 8910698451.

Fasi Pasha

Any update guys? I have also received same texts and videos from shanti prabhakar. Please let me know if this guy is genuine or fake?

Ravi Srivastava

Mujhe bhi aa raha hai mai har baar paise dene ko mana kar raha tha and wo certificates bhej raha hai bahut sare and excuse de raha hai paise nikalne ke liye

maine mana kiya n bola ki main aa jau hand to hand delivery hogi toh haa bol diya

Rinshad Kerala

Hi. This is surely a fraud. They are sending same set of messages (audios and photos) in response to my questions in WhatsApp. I paid Rs.500/- through PayTm as advance and then she is saying to send again and not confirming the receipt. Their PayTm phone number to which I sent money is 6290000276. Never send money to this number.

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