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Shashi Yadav on 11 January 2018
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No Service

I don't understand how does the consumer will suffer for idea and vodafone merger I visited the nearest Idea Gallery according to them there synchronization going on between this two telecom due to which many consumer are facing this issue he also stated if you select Network as 2G on your phone it will work fine But This isn't working anyways. Why the premium consumer is affected because of this This is the time where i used to do the important call and Network reflect as "No Service". I don't understand whats wrong going on with IDEA CELLULAR.

Please take this complain seriously and understand the severity of the consumer problem even after paying tons of money every month and not getting a proper Network what is the use of paying to Idea.



Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. To help you with your concern kindly provide us your Idea contact number for which you're facing the issue.



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