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Abhishek Verma on 10 January 2018
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Delay in Service and not proper response of Service centre manager of U S Hero Service

Dear Hero

As I am Abhisek Verma and I am very disappointed with the not proper response of Service centre manager of "U S Hero Service" and services of Hero. As my vehicle RC no. UP 65 BQ 2707 is submitted on Monday and claimed for the parts on last 29th Dec. 2017 and parts have come on 3rd Jan 2018 in Service centre. But for the service purpose I am running by Friday 5th Jan to till date 10th Jan. But still I didn't get solutions and finally the are telling in the evening after wasting my time from 11 Am to 4 Pm just come on 12th Jan you will get your bike ready. So my question is that why the are not working on my bike when I am available in Service centre?. What they want to hide? Where is assurity of parts change?

I spent 3 days in Service centre what you values of customer time? And today when in the evening by 4 Pm they were going to Service of my bike they were not getting parts they started to search the parts while they have already assured on 5th Jan that my bike parts have come. So it's very clear that a I am not sure that Hero can give Good Service and assurity.

So please help in this matter as soon as possible.

My registered Mob no. Is 8887 and Name is Mr. Rajesh Kumar Rai.




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