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Sangeet Jain on 10 January 2018
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Policy rejection on wrong ground - Proposer No. 1120003950245

Dear Sir

I have purchased Medical health policy for my father and Religare executive visit at home for medical check up. For ECG check up Religare have contact with local lab which is not upto the level and good health insurance company should have.

While check up ECG machine was not working proper and after 5 trials ECG machine generates the report and ECG test is conducted at Rs 50/- only it shows the low level of test lab.

After few days I received the message from Religare team that policy has been rejected due to ECG report where as my Father has never had any Heart Related issue and he is absolutely fit and fine.

Utimately Religare medical team rejected the policy and deducted Rs 00/- from paid premium. I want justice Reliage should reconduct ECG test in good lab.

Proposer No. 0245

Best Regards

Sangeet Jain


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