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Dr. Sandeep Harnal on 10 January 2018
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Proposer name :- Sandeep Harnal

police name ;- star health insurance family health insurance policy policy no.

p/700002/01/2017/071397. i have purchase family health police from Star health insurance pvt. Ltd. feb 2017 i have paid premium Rs.7748/-(insurance Rs:- 300000/-)now this year 2018 when i am paying the police by online my premium ammount was Rs11889/-. I was very surprise. The star insurance company evevn not informed earlier via mail or SMS to the custmer about the increase premium. when i calling toll free service center star insurance they were not provide satisfactory replies. I want to ask her star insurane company why insurance premium increase whithout notification ya intimatation by the custumer.This is not a fair. Please continuous my policy with same amount. i am satisfied with health policy facility. I dont want any other facility. so please deduct extra amount those you are increase. kindly reply earlist.

If you want any details about my policy please contact me on this Number 580)

Thank you

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