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Meher Thota on 09 January 2018
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The best example for the worst service ever any customer can receive is from reliance ResQ.

The best example for the worst service ever any customer can receive is from reliance ResQ.

I am writing this email to let the corporate team how the service centre is functioning. I stay in Hyderabad there is ResQ service centre just 200 mts away from my residence

I walked in to the Res Q service centre in Miyapur Hyderabad almost a month ago to register a complaint about my Samsung 50 inch TV. Team responded well and sent a technician Mr. Satyanarayana and he found out the issue is with motherboard.

The day one I informed if the part cannot be fixed I will go a new TV Please do not waste my time.

He said he need 2-3 days to get the part took 500 rupees as consultation and left. Post which I called him after a week and he did not give any positive response. I visited the service centre again and spoke with Mr. Irfan and found out that technician quit the Job so he assigned another tech named MR.NAGRAJ. Please remember this name as I may quote the same name multiple times

He came to my house twice and informed he can get the part but need 5000 rupees as management asked him to collect as caution so transferred the cash to his account even without asking for any receipt. I have the screen shot attached for the payment.

Transferred on 20th Dec 017. The only reason for transferring Money is I believed a tech from a reliance will not cheat me

He kept answering my calls and informed part is with him but he is busy to come and replace. I waited for 0-12 days and reached service centre again. Mr. Irfan recognised me immediately and enquired the reason for visit and even before I said anything he asked whether Nagraj has informed me that the part is unavailable. Then I told him the whole story of transferring money. He said reliance fired Nagraj as they found out similar complaints from other customers as well but assured to return the money as they held salary of nagaraj. He spoke with nagraj on the call and found the reason why the part is not replaced if he has it. I said I can wait for another 2 days and if not I will purchase a new TV.

Nagraj did not show up so I visited the service centre again and spoke the manager Mr. Wajeed today He said they took nagraj back to Job as he promised best behaviour and while I am speaking with him I saw the first technician in the facility. I really don’t understand why reliance is trying to fool customers. Mr . Wajeed did not know what happened in my case so he contacted Nagaraj immediately in front of me and ordered him to replace the Motherboard or Return the money.

When I called Nagraj this evening to enquire about his visit he did not respond well and said he was with a different customer and by the way he told this to me many times and he did not come

There are few things I need a clarification on

1. Why did Reliance waste my time and made me visit service centre multiple times when they know the tech is a fraud

2. Why was he rehired when he has behavioural issues and attitude to cheat customers

3. Employee like Nagraj can be a black mark to the company and wajeed need to understand that

If a tech doesn't have required skills you can coach him but for behavioural and will issues no one can do anything about it

Every employee contribution counts in success of the company and if you believe in this please the corrective action plan

Please understand

Customers are the core reason why reliance is doing well and sustaining in the Market as No.1. You have to be transparent with the customers Please do not play with customer's time and money. Please understand time is money and valuable. Instead of going through this hassle I could have purchased another TV on day 1 if they are true with what they are doing Seriously team has no coordination or transparency.

If you encourage tech's like nagraj to work in your organization reliance is in a very sorry state. You build the empire on the trust of customers and now Reliance as a brand lost trust from one more customer. As a dissatisfied customer I will not encourage or refer any of my family and friends to use any reliance services.

Corporate team it is time to buckle up and check what's going on in the ground level Please know customer's pulse. I work for a service industry and that is the reason I gave ample of time to recover the situation but there is no progress at all.

Finally I am going to consumer forum for cheating and wasting my time and causing mental stress. If needed I can file a complaint with police and get all the call recordings with Nagraj and submit.

By any chance if the corporate team has time and like to contact me.

You can reach me on my Mobile 4903

A very unhappy and dissatisfied customer


20/12/17 17:46 - Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.

20/12/17 17:45 - Nagraj ResQ: K.NAGARAJU





20/12/17 17:46 - Nagraj ResQ: Hi

20/12/17 18:06 - Meher Bhaskar: IMG-20171220-WA0001.jpg (file attached)

20/12/17 18:06 - Meher Bhaskar: Hi transferred 5k

20/12/17 18:26 - Nagraj ResQ: K

20/12/17 18:26 - Nagraj ResQ: Sir

23/12/17 16:50 - Meher Bhaskar: Hi

23/12/17 16:51 - Meher Bhaskar: Any update on the part

23/12/17 16:51 - Nagraj ResQ: I will call you sir in


23/12/17 16:52 - Nagraj ResQ: 15 minutes

25/12/17 17:08 - Meher Bhaskar: Any update on the part

26/12/17 12:56 - Meher Bhaskar: Nagaraju what is the update on part

01/01/18 13:27 - Meher Bhaskar: Happy new Nagraj

01/01/18 13:27 - Meher Bhaskar: Is there an update on part

01/01/18 13:27 - Nagraj ResQ: Thank you same to you sir

01/01/18 13:27 - Meher Bhaskar: Please let me know or else I will buy a new TV

01/01/18 13:27 - Nagraj ResQ: I will come tomorrow morning

01/01/18 13:27 - Nagraj ResQ: Sir

01/01/18 13:27 - Meher Bhaskar: Ok

01/01/18 13:27 - Meher Bhaskar: Thank

01/01/18 13:27 - Nagraj ResQ: Present in in Thirupathi

04/01/18 14:10 - Meher Bhaskar: Nagraj this is not accepted. Tell when will you come to replace the part. You are wasting my time

04/01/18 14:10 - Meher Bhaskar: If you are busy send someone else

04/01/18 17:53 - Nagraj ResQ: Missed voice call

05/01/18 17:36 - Meher Bhaskar: Will you replace the part or give the money back

05/01/18 17:36 - Meher Bhaskar: Decide and tell me

05/01/18 17:43 - Nagraj ResQ: Sir I will call you in 15 minutes I'm In customer home

06/01/18 13:38 - Meher Bhaskar: Inka 15 minutes avvaleda

06/01/18 13:38 - Meher Bhaskar: I am dealing with you and I no longer need your services

06/01/18 13:38 - Nagraj ResQ: Sorry sir

06/01/18 13:39 - Meher Bhaskar: You wasted all my time

06/01/18 13:39 - Nagraj ResQ: Today defnetly I will come sorry sir

06/01/18 13:39 - Meher Bhaskar: No need

06/01/18 13:40 - Meher Bhaskar: Will you transfer my money or shall I take it from resQ

06/01/18 13:40 - Nagraj ResQ: K

06/01/18 13:40 - Nagraj ResQ: Sir tomorrow evening I will give the money sir

06/01/18 13:40 - Nagraj ResQ: Sorry

06/01/18 13:41 - Meher Bhaskar: I don't believe you anymore

07/01/18 10:36 - Meher Bhaskar: Hello

08/01/18 17:19 - Meher Bhaskar: Are you coming??

08/01/18 18:46 - Meher Bhaskar: Tell me if you don't want to come

08/01/18 18:47 - Meher Bhaskar: Why are you wasting my time

Reliance Digital

Dear Valued Customer  

We regret the inconvenience caused. We have forwarded your complaint to the concerned team and they will soon get back to you.

At Your Service  

Reliance Digital

Meher Thota

Hello Team Hope you have forwarded my request please arrange a follow up as soon as you can.

Reliance Digital

Dear Valued Customer

Considering this appliance has not been bought from our Reliance Digital store we wish to inform you that our team has got in touch with you and is providing you with a refund of Rs. 5000/- which can be collected from the service center.

At Your Service

Reliance Digital

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