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Mohammed Faheem on 08 January 2018
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Harassment by TIKONA

Tikona Connection Number: 2620

Due to an emergency i was away for about 2 months and have not utilised any services. Upon my return i was bombarded with email reminders & calls threatened at times while I have requested on every call if their calls are recorded so that the same can be played if required. I used my own router for the connection but they said i have to return that too which is absurd

I was every-time reminded that i could have called them to suspend the services if i was not using but they do not seem to understand that I was not in a position to do so though they had this provision which i got to know from these calls I have always paid excess and on time. Never they wanted to value user sentiments and kept harassing me by calling time and again i received ~30 calls so far and specially a lady called me from this number 2040 (Delhi) and said she will reduce my CIBIL score by 750 points not sure how this can be done doubt her authenticity. She said I can challenge the same by fighting a case. TIKONA services have been pathetic have raised many complaints on their portal and it took fairly a long time to rectify the connection issue. A recovery agent had also visited my house. I also proposed will pay only for data if any used during my absence but all went unheard

Please help i can't take this harassment anymore

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