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Sageer Ahmad on 07 January 2018
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Wrong item send by filipkart

I'm percheging a sumsung galaxy s7 32gb black 0n 1.17 and i recieved sumsung galaxy j7 max 32 gb black instated of sumsung galaxy s7 black 32 gb on date .17.

Before handed the parcel I requested to your courriour partner for open and cheque the item but courriour partner not agree for checking and open the packed they replay to me before breaking the seal pay the payment after you can open seal at home.

When it open I see the Parcell use hard gum and stepilor pin use soon I contact to filipkart customer and they are excepted my requeste and tell me within 24 hours confirming to call back our representative but on date 1.17 end of the day I recieved a sms and mail from filipkart team my system not excepted your requested due to high number of return show system not accepted your requested.

From on date Several time send mail but nothing has been done end off hence. Also my account freez and recieved a mail system not excepted.

When on date 1.17 calling to filipkart then they are accepted my replacement but at the end of day send mail and sms my system not except.

Invoice attached herewith 

My mobile no.9748118072

Email. Sageer. @gmail.com

Order id OD110881929640787000

So I want to refund my mony after pickup my wrong item as Sumsung Galaxy J7 Max Black 32gb black instate of Sumsung Galaxy S7 32gb black and which was send by filipkart.

Thank you

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