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Saibal Bose on 07 January 2018
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Non receipt of smart card in my name


While inviting references to my trailing e-mails I would like to lodge a complaint against dealer M/s One Auto Limited (Kalikapur Kolkata) because of the following reasons:-

a) I purchased car no. WB-06F-9979 from One Auto Limited (True Value) on 2017 and paid Rs 20 0.00 for transfer of ownership in my name instantly to True Value;

b) I made series of phone calls and sent e-mails dated 2017 2017 2017 2017 2017 2017 and 2017 to know status of my case;

c) I was kept absolutely in dark about the development and in the meantime insurance of original owner failed on 1.8.2017;

d) I have been told today by Mr. Surojit Mondal that updated insurance tax valid smart card etc. are required for depositing cash to RTA; for processing transfer of ownership;

e) Since insurance failed I am required to take insurance in my name immediately for which I am to shell out extra money;

f) I have no valid document as on date except pollution certificate and road tax and I am unable to take out the vehicle on road;

g) It is a total lapse on the part of One Auto Limited (True Value) and they are totally responsible for non payment of amount to RTA in time despite the fact that they have taken already Rs 20 0.00 from me for the purpose on 26.05.2017;

h) It appears to be a clear case of fraud and gross financial irregularity on the part of One Auto Limited (True Value) which tantamount to unnecessary harassment of its buyers;

i) I have been committed by Mr. Surojit Mondal that I will be given receipt latest by 2017 subject to obtaining up dated insurance in my name;

j) After vigorous persuasion I finally got a receipt for deposit of amount to RTO Beltala before Durga Puja from Mr. Promod;

k) On a reply to my e-mail dated 2017 I am given cell number of one RTO Agent by Madam Sarojini Sengupta vide her e-mail dated 2017 and told that tentative time of getting smart card in my favour is another 60 days; I am also told by M/s True Value that Mr Promod who used to deal with Motor Vehicles Authorities left the job;

l) I made several attempts to contact over telephone to authorities of M/s True Value but did not get any response from them;

This is a sheer case of unnecessary harassment meted out to a bona fide consumer by M/s True Value (Kalikapur). This kind of callous attitude of M/s True Value to its consumers will definitely bring widespread disrepute to organisation like Maruti Suzuki Ltd which is a pioneer name in car manufacturing in India. You will definitely appreciate the fact that hard earned good will of company may gradually decline due to such callous attitude of subsidiary units like M/s True Value (Kalikapur).

I have also brought the above facts to notice of Maruti Suzuki Kolkata and requested for help thrice but my requests have fallen in deaf ears. I now seek your intervention in the matter so that I get smart card of the above car in my favour without any further loss of time.


Saibal Basu

Mahamaya Park Apartment

Block-1 Flat-4 Mahamayatala


Kolkata : 700 084

9756 (m)

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