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Swapnilkumar Jain on 07 January 2018
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Bad Service and Careless Behavior messed up our Hongkong trip

This is a complaint against Cox and Kings Greater Kailash South Extension Delhi branch who have messed up our Hongkong-Macau-Shenzhen trip scheduled for 23rd December 017. I had booked the trip for my family on 14th October 2017 which was around 2 and half months before our scheduled departure 23rd December 017. We were very much relaxed as we had thought Cox and Kings would take care of all the arrangements as it is a very reputed organization. But we were proved very much wrong when they informed us just 10 days back that our Hongkong Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) was unsuccessful. When we asked them that why they were waiting to do this registration for the last minute they lied that registration opens just 10 days before the departure by the Hongkong immigration. We got skeptical with this reasoning and searched the Hongkong PAR website by ourselves to come to know that PAR is valid for 6 months and that too free of cost. I understand that PAR is not in Cox and Kings control but if they had not delayed the PAR process till last moment and had done it 2.5 months back when we gave the booking amount then we could have gone with applying for the Hongkong visa which takes 3-4 weeks. Since they delayed the process and we were having just 10 days in hand after we came to know that PAR is unsuccessful we were not left with any option. This was very unprofessional behavior from Cox and Kings side to delay the PAR process to the last minute when we had booked the trip and given the initial installment way in advance 2.5 months back.

More to add their irresponsible behavior they had made all the bookings in Hongkong including Flight and hotel accommodations before checking the PAR eligibility. This was height of carelessness experienced from Cox and Kings when the PAR website clearly mentions that "Do not make any bookings until PAR is successful". This was not at all acceptable from such a reputed organization whom we trusted with blind eyes thinking that they will make our holiday trip memorable. This had shaken our family as we had emotionally planned for this holiday from past 3 months. We had booked this trip with three of our other close families and lots of planning were already done and our luggage was already packed.

Whenever we had followed up with Cox and Kings within the 2 months period after booking our trip they told everything is good and bookings are confirmed. We had asked them about visa requirements many times and every time they said it is just a registration process and opens only 10 days before the departure date. They assured us that there will not be any complications and they will take care of everything. I fail to understand why they lied every time about PAR process when it was free of cost and we had paid a good amount of Rs. 0000 as booking amount long time back. The trip package cost was hefty 2.5 lakhs and we had paid the remaining amount on mid of November believing Cox and Kings have checked all the eligibility as they confirmed the same every time we enquired. But the way it turned out at the last minute we felt that we got trapped as they asked us 1.5 Lakhs as cancellation charges that too because of their delay in processing PAR and utter carelessness of making all the bookings before even checking the PAR.

We were completely trapped as we would have got a meagre amount by cancelling the trip. When we asked them with alternatives they suggested to stay in Macau for 4 days and go to Shenzhen as our last destination joining the group from there. Now this package was not at all worthy without Hongkong trip. Macau is not a destination to spend such a hefty amount and staying for 4 days. We did not agree with this alternative and asked them to change the destination. They came back with the reasoning that due to peak time all the prices have been surged as that was just a week left for the Christmas. I failed to understand what was our fault in that. We had booked the trip 2.5 months back just to avoid these hassles but due to Cox and Kings irresponsible behavior got us in this messy situation. What was the benefit of planning so much ahead when we had to face such a situation just because we trusted them? They should have borne the additional cost to set the things right which they had only messed up. But they did not agree and always came back with 4 days stay in Macau option. This was utter nonsense package but we had no other choice left and had to accept this as we were getting just a penny on cancellation of the trip.

I was so much stressed mentally and felt like a miserable victim during the last 10 days before my trip. Till last day I was not sure if I will be travelling or not. I had to follow up a lot with Cox and Kings to accommodate in alternative option which they had suggested although that was with unwilling heart. I had a very tough time getting the booking information from the Tour agent Ritika Aggarwal. She was not at all responsive during the last few days and I had to escalate to General Manager Rajneesh Bhardwaj about her behavior many times. However Rajneesh was also singing the same tune as Ritika was and never accepted fault from their side. This was the worst experience I had and I will never be willing to take Cox and Kings services in future. I have suffered both financial and emotional loss and had gone through a lot of mental agony during this period. I would want to take some action and demand a compensation for my sufferings. Can this forum help me in recovering this compensation of my loss?


Swapnil Kumar Jain

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