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Kuldeep Singh on 05 December 2017
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Courier not deliver

Dear Overnite team I am representative of Hanon climate systems India Pvt Ltd it is a Korean base Maruti Suzuki joint venture company.

We have couriered a parcel on 2017 to our customer at Pune. Shipping was by air and premium freight for this courier is Rs. 00/- because there were samples for new launch for customer approval purpose but even after one week of the date on which courier was shipped the parcel is still not delivered to the customer.

Because of this delay my customer is imposing 50 lakh Rs. penalty on my company. Also we are loosing potential business with our reputed customer. Customer's new launch is also delayed.

I am personally taking a follow up with all your concerned branches and regional office but the attitude and behaviour is rude and unfavourable.

Could you please let us know who will be responsible to bear this penalty and business loss ????

Revert on this complaint at the earliest otherwise i will also circulate this incident with my group companies and Maruti Suzuki vendors group which may be a big business risk for your company.

In waiting of your response

Kuldeep Singh


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