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Nayan Valkar on 05 December 2017
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Stop the mobile service after bill payment.

On 2nd sept & 21st Sept I have paid my mobile bill through paytm. The paytm order & wallet id as mention (#3849327680 & id - 710) - (#3758142886 & id - 14). I have paid my august bill on 2nd sept. ₹589.After 2nd sept bill payment I have applied for PORT. After receiving PORT number I have submit the number in airtel office & use the airtel service from 17th Sept. Then I have paid my balance bill of idea ₹649. After 1 month I have received the call from idea & they have said my mobile bill is pending & the bill was ₹589. Now I have received call from airtel they said my mobile service is stop because idea have charged case on me.

My mobile no :- 2051

Thanks & regards

Nayan valkar

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