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Richa Bakshi on 05 December 2017
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Make My Trip Issue

This is regarding booking id NL20829650301. I had purchased a Bali package from them in August 2017 from their website as a gift to my younger brother and his wife who were getting married in Nov 017. but before doing any booking I had called their customer service to inquire about the package and only after they confirmed all the details I made the payment online of 8000 Rupees. After the payment was done they asked me to send my brother and his wife's passport copies to book the tickets which i shared within 2 days. Tickets were booked and the package was finalized. On the day of travel they both traveled to Mumbai from Pune and were not allowed to board the flight because my brother's wife's passport had validity of 5 months 10 days remaining and they dont allow to board for less than 6 months validity. My question is why was this not told to us? Why was make my trip staff only concerned about the money and the booking without checking all the necessary details? If we were so able to book and check things on our own why would we use their services right? Why would anyone go to them if things could be handled on our own? Isn't it their job to check things and suggest at least? But no all they care about is the money. I checked with Yatra and other such vendors and they confirmed that they dont book if the validity or any other details does not look right. I have not even once argued with them or spoke harshly. All this while I kept on requesting them that I do not want my money back. All i want is to give my newly wed brother an experience after his wedding which was ruined so badly. All i told them was to give me a credit note or some amount in my MMT account which i can use for future bookings only through them. They keep running stupid offers but cant do one simple gesture to earn life long customers? Can some one from MMT help here? Do you want your reputation with us to get ruined forever or do you want us to become your loyals if you help us out in such situation?

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