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Veena Bhatia on 02 December 2017
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DishTV — unauthorized transfer of paid subscription to unknown vc account

VC No: 2037 + child - Plan : RS 1149 X 12 months= Rs 13 788 bonus + 4 months

With reference to caption your good selves are requested to look into the matter sincerely and help out a regular and old Dish TV subscriber at earliest and maintain the relation of good faith.

So shocked and surprise to draw your attention that how come without our concern and knowledge the esteemed administration (Dish TV) can transfer our paid subscription to unknown VC account? After several tele conversations with call center did not pay any attention to this matter of Huge subscription amount.

Is it the admin support the system to white collar robbery and defend it against the injustice to VC amount paid by real subscriber !

We will appreciate if your good service will help and justify to our hard earned subscription money paid to you on good faith.

Kindly look into this matter and revert back at most priority and earliest.

Thanking you on anticipation

Veena Bhatia

Kindly find the attached payment receipt copy.

Will highly appreciate your prompt action as I am following up since Oct first week but no proper response received.

Best regards

V​eena V​ijay Bhatia

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