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Arpit Jain on 30 November 2017
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Croma delivered damaged product and now it's taking more time to process my refund.

Hello Team, This is all about pathetic services provided by Croma. I had purchased four items from Croma-Wakad store on 12th Nov, 2017 and paid full amount to them. After so many follow-ups I got 3 out of 4 items in 3-4 days (took more time to deliver) and few items attached to the product were missing. When I called to them, they told me that they have stopped these items now but they haven't told me anything at the time of purchasing and committed me that they will provide all items such as microwave starter kit. Now where is my 4th product which is whirlpool refrigerator so again after so many call and follow-up it got delivered to me on 19th Nov, 2017 late evening (Purchase date was on 12th Nov, 17 so total days they took to deliver my refrigerator was 7 Days). Next day, whirlpool demo/installation person came to my home and when he opened the outerbox of the refrigerator we both found big scratch on the outerbody. so I have registered my complaint to Croma on 20th Nov, 17 as soon as I have seen the damaged and provided damaged product delivered from croma as a feedback to whirlpool person. Now today is 30th Nov, 17 and till today I haven't got my refunded amount and when I told them to provide me the replacement, they told me to get new product replacement it will take 15 days working days so as per calculation it will around 1 month. I requested to refund my amount and for this also they haven't processed my refund yet. My question to them is what's the mistake of mine.I have already paid full payment then why you are having the problem to get my replacement or to refund amount. Such a bad service from Croma. Never expected from them. They are just enjoying the interest on my payment and not bothered about their customer. Ticket lodge request no to croma- SR21111700429 Model-SLE005CP0016160 WHIRLPOOL REF FF 292L IF305ELT COOLIS 3S WHIRLPOOL Date of purchase - 2017

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