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Venkatesh Naik on 24 November 2017
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Respected Sir/Madam

To begin with kindly find my details below :-

Full Name of the Life Assured - Mr Venkatesh Narayan Naik

Date of Birth - 19/12/1985

Name of Beneficiary or Nominee - Mr Vishal Naik


First Policy Number - 3376

Premium amount - Rs 40 000 Including taxes.

Second Policy Number - 3206

Premium amount - Rs 50 000 Including taxes.

Third Policy Number - 9514

Premium amount - Rs 50 000 Including taxes

I Mr Venkatesh Naik working in Nipro Med India unfortunately got the salary account of HDFC BANK. I kept receiving many calls from HDFC LIFE HDFC ERGO and different division of HDFC BANK. They all started the talk by saying that since I am a valued salaried customer of HDFC BANK I have been given special investment policies. On March 2015 I got such a call from Mr Pravin from India infoline insurance brokers ltd regarding an exclusive HDFC life Classic assure plus policy. It was clearly stated to me that after investing Rs 40 000 per annum for 7 years collectively of sum assured bonus i will get Rs 6.5 lakhs completing 10 years. After verifying the written policy claims to my investment banker I got the know that the written policy doesn’t satisfy the claims. So I was in constant communication with Mr Pravin and he duped me by giving replies and took off 15 days look in period. After many complaints to HDFC LIFE a person came to my home and assured that my policy will be converted to SIP PLAN to get good returns in future but only after one year of payment. After a year there was no conversion to SIP Plan so I didn’t pay the remaining premium to get the proof to show people how HDFC LIFE duped me.

As I kept getting calls for policy from HDFC LIFE I got such a call from Shreya sawant Shreya Sawant – 7803 who assured me that after investing Rs 50 000 per annum for 7 years collectively of sum assured bonus i will get Rs 8.5 lakhs completing 10 years. Now I had full recording of calls and cancelled my policy in free look in period by personally submitting complaint to HDFC LIFE I have copy of same. Since I got continous calls on ODD times while I travel on bike also by persistence of Shreya sawant I took back the complaint after assurance from her that my policy will get cancelled by her side which she didn’t do.

Moreover I was given third policy 9514 by saying that the second policy is cancelled and converted to third policy. Now this policy again was Rs 0000 which was debited by my credit card. And since I am unable to pay it. Its incurring finance charges from same.

While removing policy from HDFC LIFE hdfc bank credit card was also connected but now nothing is being done regarding same.

I am submitting the recordings of HDFC LIFE how they dupe the customer into buying a mediocre plan giving false promise.

I am a salaried person due to various reasons our company is laying off people I am one of them.

So after investing 0000 + 0000 and another 0000 rs from credit card incurring finance charges and other. The HDFC LIFE policy is holding me back in life due to continous follow up and tension and all.

Kindly appoint a concerned person who can resolve my issues once and for all after meeting face to face in an office. Or else I will need to take legal course for the same. I will also promote the complaint in cyberspace preventing people from getting duped by HDFC LIFE.

Please understand after PRADHAN MANTRI YOGNA ACCOUNT OPENING many farmers and illiterate people must have opened account. If you dupe an educated knowledgable person with your cunning replies . You gonna end up cheating those people too. So I will ensure that I fight you people out.


Venkatesh Naik


Hdfc Bank

Dear Customer

As your query pertains to HDFC Life please email your query to onlineassistance@hdfclife.com for the best assistance.


HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

HdfcLife Insurance

Hi for us to assess your case kindly write your issues to us at service@hdfclife.com from the registered Id to have a look into it. Alternatively the complaint letter duly signed by you can also be submitted by you to any of your nearby HDFC Life branch.

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