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Arvind Mishra on 23 November 2017
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Fraud credit card given by HDFC bank

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Arvind Mishra from Bhopal using HDFC credit card (55xx-xxxx-xxxx-9437) from last 1 year HDFC bank employee came at my work place and offer life time free card ( No anual fee and no processing fee) now i see there are 1180 rs/- debit in my A/c for membership renewal fees on 27th oct i wanted to know why this unethical deduction happen when my card is life time free this is fraud case with customer. please return back this deduction immediately...

hope your better cooperation..

Hdfc Bank

Dear Customer

We confirm that we had already responded to your e-mail on November 21 2017 09:19 PM. We regret to note the same missed your attention. For further clarifications please reply to our e-mail. The reference number for this interaction is 17322751500.


HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

Arvind Mishra

Dear HDFC Team

Noted but why card not close when you have received documents on November 16 20017

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