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Sunilbhaskaran Menon on 14 November 2017
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annual fees being charged for a non existing credit card

Dear sir/madam

I have recieved a credit card statement for payment of annual fees totalling Rs.588.47/- for a non existing card. I had applied for a replacement two years back through email etc but did not receive one till date. I would like to know for what i should pay this amount. Last year i paid expecting a new card

but your system of working is so wonderful that only fees are charged without any service.My second complaint is that i had filled up the address updation form and along with all details sent through post to your office but even this you have been incapable of changing the only change is A-302 in place of A-202 which i dont think is a such a difficult job .Kindly give me a logical reply this time

mobile No:-9004726789

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