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Ankit Goyal on 14 November 2017
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IDEA rejecting MNP to JIO

Idea is not allowing me to port my number and doing mental harassment in spite of any reason.requesting you to kindly look at the matter & resolve it on urgent.

Ankit Goyal

MY NUMBER 9009458500 MNP to JIO got rejected and when i called 198 they were not in position to tell the reason and told me that need to call local idea office.when i called local idea office @ 9826757300 they were also not able to tell the reason further they told me to contact 198

Again when i called on 198 for registering complain under TRAI Regulation they also not registered my complaint.This is causing me the mental harassment as bill is already paid and no due is outstanding on me.Being a CA my time is very much valuable and due your negligence i am loosing my mental peace and causing monetary lose too.

No due is outstanding from my side..

Today i am going to make port out from IDEA request and again if it is rejected i will definitely sue you in CONSUMER FORUM.


Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We've forwarded your concern to the respective team our team will get in touch with you for the same.



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