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Charu Verma on 14 November 2017
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Faulty design

I'd purchased a laptop bag for my husband almost a year ago ( Nov 016) for about₹13 000. The bag looked great and I picked it up excitedly. Within a month or two the lock came off. The store where Is bought it from was shut down and whichever Hudson store we went to refused to cater us despite the bag being in the warranty period.

It was only months later that I was able to convince a store at Vasant Kunj to help us out in the matter and they fixed the problem after much coaching and pleading.

The bag is such an eye sore. It scrunches up and looks horrible. It is not value for money at all and my husband carries it only to humour me. I wish I could return it or exchange it for something better because it cost me a lot of money. Don't really know where to turn to in this regard.

Hidesign promises a lot of things while selling a product but their after sale service is very poor.

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