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Owais Siddiqui on 13 November 2017
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Illegal Selling of pre-owned cars


I am Owais Siddiqui A3-901 Megapolis Sunway Hinjewadi Phase 3 Pune - 057.

I purchased 2 Pre-Owned Cars Chevrolet Beat MH 01 AV 5628 and MAruti Suzuki Alto 800 MH01AV5773 which was exchanged by previous owners to buy new cars from Maruti True Value Mycar Wakad Pune.

I purchased these cars in the month of August 2017 and submitted all my documents for transfer of cars.

It has been 3 months the car is still not transferred on my name also i am driving the car on previous owners name without their consent risking them if by any chance anything happens they would be responsible along with me.

Now i am tired of following up with dealers and this has incurred me loss as i cannot buy insurance and i can't drive my car because it is not in name.

Being tired of follow ups i want to file a fraud complaint for cheating and risking lives of people who are exchanging their with Mycar Pune.

I want to return the purchased car and want complete refund.


Owais Siddiqui


(E) - @gmail.com

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