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Meeta Kushwah on 27 October 2017
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Respected Sir, With lots of pains and dis-satisfaction I am writing this mail to you. Kindly take 2 mins to go through the mail. Sir, I am an old and loyal customer of Reliance Big TV(vide smart card no. 088) since last 5 yrs. I am using this connection and paying my all the concerned dues on time.. On 7.17 ( Saturday) my Reliance Set-up box suddenly stopped responding and even the lights stopped blinking. As a procedure I immediately called the Customer Care Helpline no. 01). Sir, I was shocked , as I called the helpline for about 50 times, atleast 20 mins each but the , whole system is dis-abled and no one is there to listen your grievances. The system continuously speaks that all the executives are busy and pl call later. Sir, then I called the local office of Reliance Big TV here in Indore and they assured to get rid out of the problem within 24 hours. This is what I always expects from the company as a loyal consumer. Then again after 5 days I called the same office an executive there mis-behaved with me and told that they will not help me and I have call the customer care no., on being told the whole incident he told me that go for any another company and he is ready help me for the same. (The entire communication is being recorded by me, and I can provide the Audio CD of the whole as and when required) Sir helplessly I again wrote the whole incident to all the senior authorities of Reliance which includes CEO, Nodal Officer, Board Members, etc. Sir my recharge on Rs. 2000 is also lying with Reliance. Sir, today more than 10 days have been passed and no one is ready to help me out for my problem..Sir you can understand the importance of television for a middle class family. Sir, on being no option left I am writing this mail to all of you expecting some kind of favour and help... I am providing you the concerned details kindly help me, I AM IN TROUBLE: User-- Meeta Kushwah Address- 450 Gulab baugh Colony, Indore 010) Mobile no- 3282 Sir looking to the sensitivity of the case, kindly do the needful and oblige. Regards

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