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Manish Gupta on 21 October 2017
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Wrong Recharge is not reversed by idea

i have done a wrong recharge on idea no. 7967

During checking the offer on this number ihave to recharge only 10rs. But unfortunately i made the offer no. 10 which was of rs. 404 .Coustomer do not known of internet so he can not use that money.

I ask to coustomer care but he also sad that he cannot refund this please help me.

My etop no. Is 1863 . Wrong recharge no. Is 7967 Transaction ID os UE1020191423001179 and amount is 404. Kindly help me for refund it.

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

We tried reaching you on the provided contact number but couldn't get through. Kindly share your alternate contact number and convenient date\time to get in touch with you.



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