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Satya Pal Sharma on 20 October 2017
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ATM card is not giving message as and when money is withdrawn

Sir I have my bank account for pension purpose in your Hdfc bank B.K. Chowk 5-R/2 NIT Faridabad-1210001. The bank a/c is 914. My ATM-cum Debit Card No. is 5129 6704 0475 125. This I got linked with my account number twice but still whenever any money is withdrawn by way of my above said ATM in turn message which ususally used to come has not been coming . Some time I get confused whether I have drawn a particular amoumnt or not. For example bank satement obtained from your bank at Faridabad for the month of October 2017 it shows that Rs.15 00/- (Fifteen thousand) has been drawn by me by above ATM on 017. The detail shown in the statement is ATM 5129 67xxxxxxxx8125- SIANDE-48 - 9341 Faridabad. But I am not recollecting whether it was drawn by me or not. Had this giving of SMS in operation I would have not confusion. Please connect my ATM with my mobile No.9999595319 properly and also tell me detail of the amount of Rs.15 00/- drawn supposedly by me via ATM.

Hdfc Bank

Dear Customer

Please write to talktous@hdfcbank.com with the date and amount of the mentioned transaction and the Account number in which it took place with ref ID-TTU231017-01 in the subject line. Will assist you better.


HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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