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Tanmay Gupta on 04 August 2017
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Need reasons for stopping my vodafone service for on urgent basis

Dear Sir / Mam To whom so ever it is concern !! It has already brought to your notice regarding my private paid no 4488 That it was earlier ported from Reliance to Vodafone couple of years back Vodafone Post using the vodafone I was happy to use their services as I was for reliance BUT the disappointing part from Vodafone is that as well as my concern for the era is despite my complete KYC and all registered Email ID , Alternate Number , Permanant Address in their records of vodafone they have disconnected my phone without giving any notice on the any mode (email, letter , telephone Conversation ) since 03 june 017. Giving a reasons that phone was not recharge since long but that was my second alternate number which I was using for whatsaap no on Wifi and still using the same . When asked the vodafone executive after visitng the store from where the sim was purchased or ported they shared me NODAL Office detail for which I am Attaching the correspondence , below Who said that the SIM will be reactive or will be issued to you in vodafone only thereafter they said please contact earlier service provider (i.e. reliance ) using some technical words . Reliance After Visiting to reliance store the store keeper informed me that it is still with Vodafone .For which i wrote to Reliance Nodal Office also they are not Replying back. Also Enclosing the mail for the correspondence VODAFONE & RELIANCE My Main Concern is to get My PAID Number Back As it is without being issued to someone ELSE ESPECIALLY VODAFONE vodafone have cost budget to do advertisement or call to advertised but cannot call for caution for deactive service in form of warning mail , letter to registered address or calling to alternate number for the same . THIS IS A CONCERN I THINK TRAI should think in this aspect too Just making norms to take KYC and other relevant document does not solve the purpose rather use them to solve the issue . Also the same case could have been in may cases : 1.Person holds a number but the same number was not in used coz the person went to and fro to out of India and the number was disconnected and given to someone else 2. Person is relocated in other state and his company offered a different number and he could used the earlier coz of his office policy but he kept the number since it is circulated , but the company stopped its services without informing them 3. Many more those the live example if you want I can present the victim coz of these Telecommunication companies a.both the old user who has to share the new contact to everyone but he still missed to share with all . b. New user saying this is a wrong number / no one is available on this number / same thing after year he himself disconnect the number at times "Anyways it is being too long I should remain to my Concern to get my number back .i.e 4488 before it is being issued to someone else . AS primarily VODAFONE is Responsible Secondly RELIANCE is responsible as per me. PS: I Forgot to mentioned above that it was mentioned in the VODAFONE databse that this customer is priority one and paid number please take action carefully " Please contact me anytime between 11:30 am to 1:30 pm for any concern to get it closed. Before I take any other action .

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