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Asif Kazi on 20 July 2017
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Reliance Communications — DISCONNECTION OF PHONE

Dear Sir

I have a reliance wireless land line phone number 4111 which i am trying to disconnect there is no information regarding that on the website. we have been trying to call customer care for past ten days even after waiting on line for 1hr we cant reach the customer care person.we even visited whatever available stores present but none taking the complaint of disconnection. It is very frustrating . It all seems a big fraud not to give customer a chance to disconnect the phone. They will not disconnect and keep charging the instrument charges even though our landline is disconnected for past two months and if we dont do anything after a year this guys will run a bill in thousands and send a lawyer notice along for recovery it just seems to be a big scam and nothing else.

asif kazi

Reliance Communications

Dear Asif

We request you to e-mail us the required details at socialmedia.rcom@relianceada.com we would be more than happy to address the concern.


Reliance Communications

Asif Kazi

we received a call claiming that it was from reliance they want us to settle the bill first before doing disconnection so i will like to inform you that i have not being receiving bills from the day you stopped paper bills and during one of the communication we were informed that our email address with reliance was wrong we gave the correct email address and still are waiting for the bill to be sent our correct email is kaziasif@hotmail.com as per your records it is kaziasif@yahoo.com anyway i have also sent email on socialmedia.rcom@relianceada.com but have got no response and i know again reliance will ask to write at socialmedia.rcom@relianceada.com with no further action.

asif kazi

Asif Kazi

I sent the following email will the copy of the paid bill at socialmedia.rcom@relianceada.com and rcomappellateauthority.mumbai@relianceada.com. My wife send the same on 21st July but still no response and like always here also I will get the same email as above.

The funny thing is they have started my phone which was disconnected after the bill was paid even after trying to tell them that I want it to be disconnected hope at least this email will work. which still I doubt.

Dated: 23rd July 2017

To: Reliance Communication

Dear Sir/Madam

I would request you to permanently disconnect my existing Reliance landline connection as I no longer require these services at my residence.

Kindly arrange to take out the telephone instrument together with its accessories from my residence after disconnecting the line & refund me the security deposit kept with your department.

This is for your kind information and necessary action.

My details have been provided below:

Name: Sitarabegam Asif Kazi.

Address : 403 Anmol Powai Vihar Complex Powai Mumbai – 400 076.

Land line no.: 022 – 30724111

Account no. : 100119976536

We have already paid all outstanding dues for the said account.

Awaiting for prompt response to avoid us taking us further actions if you delay this process any further.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs. Sitarabegam Asif Kazi

Asif Kazi

It is so irresponsible from reliance communications even after writing email and doing the needful this guys are not proceeding to discontinue my line.

This is nothing but a scam runed by reliance to harass customers by not responding.

Asif Kazi


Dear Sir

After repeatedly trying to contact your customer care and after pleading everywhere today got a call from your customer care now they have asked us to email one more time the email address provided this time it is broadband@relianceada.com.

I hope that this will now disconnect our land line.

Asif Kazi/ Sitara Kazi

Asif Kazi

Dear Grahak Seva

I dont know what the reliance people want they just have one motto keep the customer by hook or crook even after repeated emails and calls they have not disconnected my land line.

last when i got a call form 8080855507 by a person named Rahul and was asked to pay our outstanding bill for unused Telephone services which we did as per the trail mail he had promised to Disconnect the landline as soon as the payment was made now he says to contact his senior Mr Roshan contact number 9029373736 which was provided by Mr Rahul now this guy Mr Roshan doesn't pick up the phone which i told to Mr Rahul so he says he cant do anything now you do whatever you can do so please tell me Grahak Seva what a harassed customer should do?

If this seva is also not helping were should we go next.

A harassed customer

Asif kazi


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