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Givinder Singh Ahluwalia on 15 July 2017
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Complaint for Non-Payment of interest on my Amt.Rs.63000/- by PSB

PUNJAB & SIND BANK COMPLAINTS-GRAHAK SEWA ONLINE COMPLAINT DATED:- 15/07/2017 REG:- Non Payment of interest on my amt. Rs.63000/- by PSB B/o Ambala Rd. Saharanpur Respected Sir, With due respect it is submitted that I am an ex-employee of Punjab & Sind bank & having my S.B. A/c. No. 4745 in B/o Ambala Road Saharanpur. Sir, Rs.63000/- Deliberately & Purposely had debited in my S.B. A/c 4745 ( In ALPM SYSTEM) on date 23/06/2011 by the Branch, in my absence & without my sign /authentication and a wrong & false I.B.R. No. 2288 had been issued by the Branch. But after long correspondence, pursuance, complaints (and E-Mails also), to the Branch, Z.O.Dehradun & Head Office, only my same amount ( Rs. 0/-) was credited back in to my same A/c. 01391000014745(In Finacle System) on date 017, after long time period of Five years, Nine months & Twenty six days. But up to date interest, at FDR-Staff Rate, on my amount & compensation for the expenditure on correspondence etc. for the recovery of my amount, has been not at all given to me till date, in spite of my repeated requests for the same. Only due to my awareness, knowledge of banking procedure, and by my own efforts & investigation and after lot of inconvenience I am able to recover & get back my amount Rs.63000/-, otherwise it may be lost & disappear some-where in the books/ accounts. Also, I have to suffer inconvenience & financial loss and mental harassment to recover my amount. I have observed the following short- comings in the working of the Bank.:- 1. ROOT CAUSE OF MY GRIEVANCE /COMPLAINT Sir, due Rs.63000/-deliberately debited on dt.23/06/2011 in my S.B. A/c No. 745, by the Branch, in my absence & without my Sign & authentication, and also without informing me, as stated above. The whole grievance occurred due to the repeatedly committed mistakes, deliberately false & misleading statements (after that Dr. Entry) almost ignoring my correspondence, pursuance and complaints by the bank officials and I have to suffer lot of inconvenience & financial loss. 2. CASUAL HANDLING OF MY COMPLAINTS / GRIEVANCE:- Sir I have already written & explained my grievance in my many complaints, dt. 015, dt.25/02/2017, dt. 017, dt.27/04/2017, dt.27/06/2017 and in my e-mail in the month of May 2017 (& also E-Mails in previous months) to concerned Depts.which were duly received by them, as confirmed by the postal Dept. I have also enclosed documents related to my problem along with these aforesaid complaints. Sir, according to Bank’s P&D Dept. Circular No.2578 dt.29/06/2011 reg. “customer service and complaints & grievances”, the Bank was supposed to send me the acknowledgement i.e. Complaint number, date of receipt, mode of action etc. within fifteen days after receiving the complaint. But I have not received a single reply from their side till date in spite of my repeated complaints. This type of attitude towards customer’s problems may be considered as negligence & misconduct act. 3. INCOMPLETE SOLUTION PROVIDED, AFTER A LONG TIME PERIOD :- The Bank took a very long time (almost six years) to give back only my amt. 63000/-& I have to spend more than Rs.2500/- on correspondence etc. and traveling again & again from Delhi to Saharanpur regarding this problem. I have to suffer a lot of inconvenience, financial loss and mental harassment due to mistakes & negliance of bank officials. The above stated facts regarding the grievance are true & correct and nothing has been concealed or fabricated therefrom. I am not satisfied & disagree with the In-part & incomplete solution of my grievance. Request for interest on my amount along with compensation. I have already requested in previous letters / complaints for a prompt action, an appropriate investigation to be initiated at Head Office level, and accountability be fixed accordingly . I also asked & entitled for the up to date interest at FDR-Staff rate, prevailing at that time because my amount was in the H.O. A/C of bank and within the Bank, similarly as in the case of amount deposited in FDR, along with compensation for expenditure on correspondence etc. which I have to borne due to the mistakes & negligence of bank officials. This total amount estimated about Rs.48000/- but I have not received the same till date, besides I have to suffer inconvenience & financial loss. Please do the needful for the recovery of interest & compensation as stated above, Please inform me accordingly at the earliest. Thanks Givinder Singh Ahluwalia, New Delhi F-509, Karampura, Date: - 15/07/2017 New Delhi-110015.