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Hiraman Dhapodkar on 13 July 2017
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No meter reading done, very high bill in regular electric cut area in Taloja

My average bill per month is around Rs. 0/-. For Apr'17 the bill was Rs. 0/-, May'17 was 510. Jun'17 now is ALARMING 0/-. I had not paid bill for two months totalling to Rs. 50/- But how can the bill for 3 months be 90/- when average bill per month is 0/-. Secondly, please check my meter reading. It can be seen that for continous 6 months i.e. from Oct'16 to Mar'17, the bill was calculated continously @399 units per month. This is clear that nobody was coming to take my meter reading from MSEB. How can the consumption for continous 6 months be the same?? Also, the meter reading taken from Apr'17 onwards was not regular and correct which can be seen from the records. April was 40/- only which proves that the reading was totally incorrect. Because of the wrong meter reading, I am now brought at the consumption level of 1000 category i.e Rs. 1.20 per unit whereas actually I should be at the level of 500. Due to errors by MSEB reading, I am brought to the higher category for payment which actually should not be. You are requested to recalculate my monthly bill from Oct'16 onwards till Jun'17 and send the actual consumption and related bill. MSEB is charging more to me which is much more than the actual consumption. This is really injustice to me. Please recheck and charge me for whatever I have really used. Thanks Bill Consumption Bill Paid Payment month Units amount amount Date Jun-17 900 0.00 0 27-Apr-17 May-17 305 0.00 0 27-Apr-17 Apr-17 104 540 0.00 27-Apr-17 Mar-17 399 0.00 0.00 17-Mar-17 Feb-17 399 0.00 0 26-Jan-17 Jan-17 399 0.00 0.00 26-Jan-17 Dec-16 399 0.00 0 25-Nov-16 Nov-16 399 0.00 0.00 25-Nov-16 Oct-16 399 0.00 0 15-Sep-16 Sep-16 484 0.00 0.00 15-Sep-16 Aug-16 327 0.00 0 17-Jun-16 Jul-16 385 0.00 0 17-Jun-16 The above consumption units is for the location-Taloja Phase-I where there is huge electric cut off to the tune of nearly 6 to 8 hours which is a regular feature. When there is such a huge electric cut how is that there is such a huge huge electric consumption units??? Is this meter bill of some Industrial unit ???. FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE 2017 THE CONSUMPTION UNITS IS A HUGE HUGE 900 UNITS. Please look into my complaints and clear off the errors at the earliest. Thanks.

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